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Verdicts and Settlements

​* $7,000,000 for auto accident

$5,000,000 for truck accident

* $3,400,000 for truck accident​​

* $2,700,000 for auto accident
* $2,500,000 for medical malpractice
* $2,500,000 recovery vs. insurer

* $2,025,000 for auto accident

* $2,200,000 for tractor trailer accident
* $1,700,000 for spinal injuries
* $1,515,000 for spinal injuries
* $1,480,000 for personal injury

* $1,450,000 for auto accident
* $1,350,000 recovery vs. insurer

* $1,200,000 slip and fall at home supply store
* $1,100,000 for back injury from auto accident
* $1,050,000 for lower back injury
* $1,000,000 for neck injuries
* $1,000,000 recovery vs. insurer


Kannebecker is the originator
of, or leading class counsel for, multiple class
actions involving:

• Illegal insurer subrogation in NY

• Illegal insurer subrogation in NJ

• Illegal insurer subrogation in PA

• Illegal interstate medical payments

• Illegal insurer underpayment of
medical billing

• Illegal insurer action concerning
PIP medical exams.


Multiple cases handled by Kannebecker Law have resulted in precedentsetting
changes in the law that expanded the
scope of protection for individuals.

These include:
• Landmark case of Sayles establishing that PIP
insurer’s policy-based demand for PIP DMEs is
unlawful and that PIP insurer had to petition
the court for PIP DME

• Establishing workers’ compensation insurer
liability for bad faith and punitive damages


• Establishing that New Jersey anti-subrogation
law is saved from ERISA preemption under
ERISA’s savings clause


• Establishing Koken joinder combining UIM and
tortfeasor claims in the same suit


• Establishing disability insurer’s claim for
subrogation of disability benefits is unlawful


• Establishing joint and several liability of tortfeasor
and UIM insurer for insured’s PI damages


• Establishing liability for punitive damages for
cellphone use while driving.

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